Burnflow Web is now available

Posted at Jul 10th, 2020

We continue to extend our availability of Burnflow and are now happy to introduce Burnflow Web, making it now possible to take advantage of what makes Burnflow great directly from your favorite browser on your PC or Tablet.

Burnflow Web integrates the same features as the mobile version of Burnflow. Therefore, the recommended option to use Burnflow on a mobile device is still with the mobile app and that is because of it running natively on your device making it more performant.

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Work together Cross Platform

Burnflow Web and Burnflow Mobile works cross platform, meaning all changes you make to your tasks in one platform will automatically appear on the other platform.

Using Google’s Firebase Service makes it possible for Burnflow to show these changes immediately.

This also means that working in Teams won’t ever be as hassle, even if all teammates work on different devices.

Plan your Weekly Work

As the Mobile App, the core of Burnflow Web is the weekly workflows. Assign tasks to weeks in the Weekplan. Organize your tasks in sprints and always know what you and your team should work on next.

However, it is still possible, using the Task Backlog, to create a backlog of all tasks that isn’t meant to be worked on right away.

From the Task Backlog you can easily assign tasks to the Weekplan, by selecting them and selecting a week to assign them to.

Tracking time helps estimating the flow of the Project

One thing that differentiates Burnflow from other Project Management tools, is the ability to make time estimates on tasks and using the Time Tracking functionality to track how much time is spent on each Task.

Using both the Time Estimate and Time Tracking features makes it possible for you to calculate the amount of work that you and your team can complete in a week. Moreover, and very importantly, it makes it possible for Burnflow to calculate statistics and give you an estimate on the end date of your projects.

Burnflow Web is now available for all Burnflow users with an active subscription

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Burnflow Mobile is still available for free, without the need of creating an account.
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