Burnflow is designed for your needs of wanting to optimize your workflows of every project and goal. Burnflow will make you work more efficient and organized.

Create Tasks

Visualize your goal, by separating it into smaller manageable tasks.
Create Tasks, by entering a short description of what it's about. Optionally, you can also add additional details, create a checklist and priorities the task.

Plan Weekly

Assign your tasks to weeks in the Weekplan. Organize your tasks in sprints and always know what to work on next.


Work in Teams

Cooperate in the same project together with co-workers, friends and family.

Create Projects, Groups, Clients

Whether you are working for a client or working on a personal project, it is always a good idea to keep everything organized. Create Projects and add your tasks. Every project have their own backlog, weekplan, statistics and team.


Take Time

Track Time spent on each Task. Get a better understanding of how long each type of task takes.

Estimate Tasks

Add a Time Estimate to your tasks. We recommend that you estimate each task, making it possible for Burnflow to calculate an Estimated Completion Date for your projects.

Weekly Time Spent

Get an overview of how much work you are able to put in each week and become efficient in planning further weeks accordingly.

Weekly Work Rate

Burnflow will calculate your average Weekly Work Rate.
Always hit your weekly sprint goals by efficiently planning your weekly tasks accordingly.

Estimated Completion Date

Burnflow will combine your tracked time together with estimated time of each task in your projects. With this data, you will be presented with a nice Burndown Chart showing you the Estimated Completion Date of the projects

Better Time Estimates

Estimating completion time of projects can be difficult. Burnflow will help you get a greater understanding of how much time it takes to complete tasks. Combined with an estimate of each task, you will get better at measuring time in the future, ultimately ensuring a precise project plan.